runner’s creed.

This is my  run.
there are many others like it
but this one is mine
my run is my heaven,it’s my life
I must master it as I must master my life
without  me,my run is nothing
without my run,I’m nothing
I must run this road, it’s true
I must run faster than the stress of the world that’s working to drag me down
I must outrun stress before it overruns me,I will
I swear to this creed,my run and I are defender of my sanity.
we’re the master of my bodywe’re the saviors of my life
so  be it,
until victory is mine,
and nothing remains but peace.

About linpx
He is lazy, so he left nothing here.

2 Responses to runner’s creed.

  1. Will says:

    You’ve got to start somewhere, you’ve got to finish somewhere, and you’ve got to be focused doing it.My name is Jeremy Wariner and this is my story.As a little child,I was hyper,Always chasing around,I just feel like I was born to run,I ran for school,I ran for college,And now I run for my country.Even if I am 70 I still want to at least try and run a little bit.Some people say why do you run?I ask, why did you stop?

  2. LIN says:

    你发给我的那个捉弄人的那个,我一点儿也笑不起来. 就像看小沈阳,我就想哭一样. 楼下那留言的还挺神,开始还以为是Jeremy Wariner本尊呢.

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