Pam’s wed

What can i say? She finally made it…haha.I am so happy for her. The only regret was that I broke my words, I told her I would be there when my dear sister marries hmm, years ago and have these words confirmed again months b4. I didn’t fly to her hometown(as i recalled, somewhere in an island far far away from here). For one thing, working load is heavy; Second, something happened here…

So one of my friends married, who will be next? Would that be you…Certainly not me…


About linpx
He is lazy, so he left nothing here.

5 Responses to Pam’s wed

  1. deliazhu says:


  2. Chen says:

    oh, something happened there…

  3. Will says:

    Huh,best wishes.

  4. Will says:

    Huh,best wishes.

  5. Pengxuan says:


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