yet a third try in bar exam

For those who care about me, (apparently not too many), i like to let
u know that i am now in shanghai, yes, i am now doing a third try in
bar exam though i have been shouted outloud that i wouldn’t do it next
time when i fauled it last year. But things change, and so the ppl. I
do have a clear vision on what i want though soemtimes it does seem to
be frail and i dont want to have it explained….

anyway, i am determined to take this one and brothers and sisters, pls
come to me for whatever reasons, bcoz i am dying to meet u guys. Sms
me at 13779989768 or mail at linpengxuan(a)gmail dot com…

just have some drinks with litao and caojia yesterday, a nice and fun
talk.. Anyone else in shanghai.


Lin Pengxuan


About linpx
He is lazy, so he left nothing here.

6 Responses to yet a third try in bar exam

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  3. jinying says:


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  5. Pengxuan says:


  6. Diana says:

    hehe…don’t worry bro…i can’t come…but i will do what i can for you, ok!!!!…fighting!!!

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