on travalling in Vietnam

one of the very best things in this trip is that, u don’t know where to go at when, and who u will meet on the roads…
so last time when I am in Ha Noi, it really did feel like home, yet that means losing the beauty of meeting new friends coming from the rest of the world. now I did on my own in the trip from Hanoi to HCM city. it was like, great…couldn’t describe the exactly feeling about this.
i met a lot new friends. like, just came across with a girl from Indonesian, she taught me how to take good fotos and that makes me feel i am talented in taking fotos, met a guy from Ireland, we talked about the confict between Sinnfin and Britain Govt, met a couple from France on why they don’t always speak good English as Germany or Nederlanders do. met an Argetina guy, we talked about why every westerner carries a Lonely Planet. help a girl from Japan to find her hotel in a place i am not familiar with too…
things like those…some even suggest me just spend 20 days in Hanoi purposelessly and doing nothing bcoz it is beautiful, living in a dorm for 1 dollar a day, i will discover a lot more new things.
so traveling here is like, i was shown to a whole new world i never really thought of b4. and i am very much like to keep on trying. for me, i got invited by Local Vietnamese to take mud bath in Nha Trang,some other invited me to sun bath in beautiful beach, i decided to take the snorkering and diving course, after all, it cost 6 dollars for 1 day trip and i got sunburnt yesterday, itchy and red all over my body…..haha


Lin Pengxuan


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    a girl from Japan,a girl from Japan~~

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