arrival in Vietnam, from Ha Long Bay to Ha Noi

Finanlly, without knowing a word of Vietnamese, I came through the port, reached the soil of Vietnam. some ppl can speak Chinese…
I took a bus to Ha Long Bay, no one speaks Chinese there. i have to show them the destination I want to go. all the 4 hrs, i sat and put, without doing anything, only to find the driver is way too much brave to have a speed more than 70 km per hr in a rainy day…shit.. i have bought myself the insurance, comforting myself.
then i met with my dear Senior Phong, the first thing is to hug him. no words could descripe that feeling after a 1000 km travle in 14 hrs. and his wife, my classmate Quynh.
will say more when i could type Chinese….
a word. after meeting them, i never felt i was in a foreign country, just felt like home. i am home now, with my bros and sisters…..


Lin Pengxuan

i am now on my trip to Nha Trang, a town has nothing but only blue sky and beautiful beaches, where I will learn how to dive and kiss the coral reef….
met a lot of new friends, nice talk and begin to fall in love with taking pictures, will host a pix show later when i return to China, for that, i guess will take longer time, because i still have two countries to visit, combodia and Laos….haha
bu ai xian.

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4 Responses to arrival in Vietnam, from Ha Long Bay to Ha Noi

  1. Will says:


  2. eileen says:


  3. jinying says:

    enjoy yourself~~and take care~ ^_^ 期待上PP

  4. Marfa says:

    I must go to Vietnam to attend Hanh or Lan’s wedding this or next year~! Pix~!

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