Borat, and Jackass 2

2 Jackass Number Two (Jeff Tremaine) Playing on more than three thousand screens, Jackass 2 was the number-one-grossing movie in America on its opening weekend—and the male stars eat shit and drink horse semen for real. They’re nude a lot, too. If this isn’t cultural terrorism, I don’t know what is.

What above mentioned is a movie I watched along with Borat last month. I couldn’t say it isn’t unique, from a very very special perpective. I mean, if u never felt like to vomit during a movie, well, this is your chance. For me. It just dammit grossy. Ewl…….

I still remembered that night, I just directly closed the movie after it was played on for 10 minutes. After that, I sat on my bed for another 10, with unrestrained curiosity, I opened the prog to watch it again to see how bad one’s imagination could be, I have to tell you, they beat me in my face.

Also the Borat, the film was rated was one of the best in 2006 by Time. Won’t say something more, but to cite one or two spots, in case u wonder what movie is this.

In the first secene, he introduced his family members to us, the audience (it is a quasi-documentary). Then he went to a woman, not bad looking, he kissed her for a long time, trust me, a long time, so when everybody thought that could be his wife, he just turned around, introduced the one he just kissed was his sister…ewll….shit……..

The other scence, he visit a rodeo ground, said sth like these, we khazak totally on the side of President Bush on his war on terro, u know, those places really like ones in Texas, they are conservatives, they support Bush, so they just applauded when they heard this, and then after another long and dulling talk, Borat suggested to sing the national Anthem altogether. No one would say no, so he started first…. With his Khazakistan anthem

Gosh, u just don’t know how funny could that be!

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2 Responses to Borat, and Jackass 2

  1. Will says:

    是吗 蠢蛋2和波拉特是我去年最不想看的两部电影 从我的观影经验而言,我对美国式的恶搞完全无法接受,无论是以前的SCARY MOVIE系列还是最近的BORAT。我觉得我的生命是有限的,有太多的电影需要我去看了,我宁愿在这里花10分钟写这段话也不愿花2个小时来浪费我的生命,至少,我在这里写评论不会后悔,看电影呢?我不敢保证。

  2. Pengxuan says:


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