That’s the way I like

One of my friend wrote me sth as follows, I felt so warm….

HOIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII….i’m still so much ALIVE…and quite happy…

anyway…many children said

‘I Love you, Diana"

so…that’s really made me happy haha….

maybe i’m too easy to be happy….

hahaha…reality always fails you hah!!! but nowadays i catch a cold but its

just water on my nose and little bit sore throat…i’m still full of

energy….but no energy to do dissertation…

about your exam….i know that…. you’ve told me that you want to continue

your study on finance…last time you’ve told me that you preparing for this


WISH you very much good luck….(what kind of english is this…anyway….

you are not native speaker…so no problem!!! haha)

hey bro…. i think you choose to do further study just because you don’t

want to waste your energy on collecting money hah?

Lin Pengxuan… how about your love life ….haha….come on…. tell me

something…tell me something…:)))))


have you seen Happy Feet? or night at the museum?

ok then… send me your news again ok….

Keep on fighting for this life bro!!!!

God bless you and your family…

esp, your little sister….

i hope you can send her to go english camp in here..:)))


(your another adopted sister….after your first adopted sister…but no one

know who adopted the second sister whose said that she was adopted…)

and this is my reply,

MY dear, how lovely you are. And u know how much I want to c u right here and right at this time, to let u know I do want to c what u would be when a heavy fist punch in your face.

I made 20,000 dollars last month, and lost all of it this week. Now u c how mad I am today. Shit…(with a lot of beeps following….)

Well, before I left TLBU, I only know how camp means to school, now I do have a better understanding when this come to influence person. Obviously, you are not exceptional. So, hey, sister, what are u talking about? My English, F**k that, better than native…my adopted sister, hey, who r u? my lovelife, shit, … Indeed, there is someone approaching to me today, ……

But u r good at writing, according to my classmate Both’s saying, shit! Hey, u r not only trying to follow me, but also, did a very good job in simulating the way I talk and write. And I appreciate that, u weighs more in my heart, physically!

PS, allow me to post it blog, for dam long a time, haven’t written any words in English.

Ur so called adopted sister’s bro.


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He is lazy, so he left nothing here.

2 Responses to That’s the way I like

  1. Diana says:

    haha….so how’s the taste of that cake???
    actually you should feel good, when you need a water…someone gave you cake… but…if the cake too sweet…you can be vomit sometimes… hihi….
    anyway… how about "….." hihi…. no progress???
    another heavy punch also waiting for you… don’t worry, now i can fight… !!!

  2. Pengxuan says:


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