u freak?

tired of preparing my bar, not wanting to keep wasting my time either, I decided to read some books. I bought 4 books last weeks.

1, freakonomics.

2, the world is flat. clip 2
3, rich daddy, poor daddy.

4, too soon old, too late smart.

I have a good taste, havn’t I? yeah, nor really running for fictions, rather, I prefer to be exposed with something that might help me on my way ahead.

Let me just done the talking. It took me 4 days finishing the 1st book, freakonomics. to be frank, I like this book. It is all about the ways breaking conventional wisdom that chained on us for far too long a time. what I can see there is just a little bit different way of thinking could result in an astonishing situation.

what do chicago public school teachers and sumo wrestlers have in common?
why do most drug dealers in American still live with their moms?

 how do people’s names affect their personal success?

these are some common things that people won’t even raise an eyebrow if they are not curious enough, or should we say, they are, at least not just acting like authors of this book. after matrixing a bunch of datas, they manage to quantify these culture phenomenons. you believe that? Becasue I do, after reading this book.

It has something to do with sensibly thinking about how people do in real world, not a moral and ideal world. so for those who have suffered enough, they won’t feel the intended unfortabilities brought by authors.

I agree reading is really boring. but it is cool.

P.S. know freakonomic= freak+ economics, it just was a way of making new words without turning to dictionaries.


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2 Responses to u freak?

  1. Jia says:

    Is there any electronic edition of the 1st book?

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