Funny things about Desperate Housewives

DH is not bad a TV show. People might wonder why all those radiculous but tiny small and impressive goodies could all happen in a short time in a typical American White Community. Let alone for the sake of TV, I found it interesting for it presents to me the virtues and views about what American Middle Class think about the  world, it should be selfishlessness to urge and supervise other guys obey not only the community laws but moreover a serias standards of moralities, which root from its Americanism and Christianity; and vicious, somewhat depressed, even desperate when it comes to deal with its own good.

never thought about killing people is so fun a thing in desperate housewife, they even dubbed with a funny background music. remember how W. George tried to murder Dr. Goldfine in a bridge just for resentfulness about Dr’s advice to Mrs Van De Kamp
Roger Bart - George Williams

woman: why are all rich men jerks?
man: same reason all beautiful woman are bitches.

the woman is giving us her baby, Gaby, we kiss whatever needed to be kissing

PS: also I never think of someone who are popular just because of their own selfishness.

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just give me a moment, I am asking god to kill me!

you…you committed an insurance fraud.?
eh..only in legal sense

I hate you.  you know what, the opposite of hate is not love, is indifference, if you hate me, that means you still care about me, and we are still connected.

PS: the role of red hair beauty Mrs Bree Van De Kamp gives us all the pet peeves and annoyance an American family could ever enjoy. and believe me, my friend, the early dating experience of the teenager sons and daughters is only the last thing they need to worry about. look, How elegant one could be when even holding a gun!

among all the charaters, Edie Britt and Lynette are my favourite. Edie is smart, knows what she need and stick to her own principles, reminds me someone I knew. Lynette is smarter, knows how to get what she wants without bothering other by introducing some tactics, which also adds more fun parts to DH.


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4 Responses to Funny things about Desperate Housewives

  1. says:


  2. Diana says:

    above all about desperate housewife, i can’t be more agree that….i love Lynette and the way she always control the situation and i like Tom, and the way they connected each other….and how Bree really "care" about her children, without knowing how to care….and Susan, she is just common woman….woman….and with all the stupidity….but that’s it…the nature of common women….Lynette is exceptional….too perfect but really good woman…Eddie? no comment…what principle?

  3. says:

    I love this show very much. I spent 3days on it during  the Spring Festival. Then i was eager to find out the Season 2 of that .But it werent available at that time. It is said that Season 2 is not so good as the one.

  4. Tingyi says:

    I never expect that boys could love this show and make such a cool comment of it!

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