an inconvinient truth

think about it. when everyone round us is busying making money or thinking how to make money. the place where we have lived on for centuries is no longer what we perceived before. I overheard some saying, ten ever hottest year in human’s history ever record is the last ten years with 2005 its peak. what are we going to do to save oursleves and our’s generation if we are not that selfish. a moment at stake could hardly be more elusive. it is up to you, or up to me?!

It is only take you a little bit effort to protect our Earth, and ourself.

a not too bad movie was presented to you. an incovinient truth.

also another documentary movies shows how cheap democracy was when it confronts the superpower: a road to guantanamo. and show us things actually and always are not what we think used to be.

The Road To Guantanamo

you might think him is regretting, confessing. but it is not. take a look at this movie, it won’t take you long, it will make you reconsider the power of muslim. shudder you at the first thought.


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3 Responses to an inconvinient truth

  1. 很多西瓜的生活和其它的 says:


  2. Diana says:

    let start from ourself, i think…that’s maybe what i can do in my country…where the polution, the trash in the river, everywhere and no one care…who should care? we should, but sometimes people think, he can polute something, why i can’t…no one do something. that makes the environment worse…(my personal opinion)

  3. says:


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