about V for Vendetta

not always being used to get refused, I watched the V today…..

nice setup. I have to say….wow… after the whole one, I was shamed that unable even to tear down after all those stories I am sure being played again, again and again in the movies but none of them even related to the one here.

can’t remember too much of that.

1, the V was reborn in the fire..and eva under the rain..
2, have mercy… not tonight…
3, people shouldn’t afraid of their government, their government should afraid of their people..
4, remember , remember,
5th of november
the treason of gunpowder shall not be forgotten….
5, the power of idea is bulletproof.
6, now it is my turn~!

I was get cheated again by the amazing Wachowski brothers, guess their inspiration even moved on after the revolutionary Matrix…
how can that even come up with an idea as if what the world would like when Nazis came to power; or, did it get some idea from a famous judge’s comment about burning american flag, I hate what you said but I would defend to death for your right to speak when at the end the explosion of the Britain Parliement Building and big ben, which seems to mock at the world where they live but also, where they were isolated….

even till the end, we get no chance to take a look at the face of the man beneath the mask, however, I would prefer it a well-educated french noble person, whose collection includes somethong only could be available in Louvre nowdays and fond of good old love songs…

too late, got to sleep. just type some buttons before those ideas slipped away from my mind again….

the mask was actually carefully designed, I mean it serves for all the face expression two really fuzzy directors would require in a secen by taking from different angles, say Laugh, sad, depressd, happy when the only things left unchanged is the mask itself….

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