again some thoughts without title

some scractch, not even nealy related to a blog.

things suddenly came into my mind after I watched the Dix commendament and finishing the mass.

sound track of the Lion King and prince of egypt.

:harsh now, my baby, don’t cry. sleeping remember my last lullaby so…rivers, rivers floated gently for me, do you know someone he can be free, river. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhh…………: things were so beautiful

also I am downloading the prince of egypt now, to see if anything changes on the views regarding Moses between Hollywood in 70s and in 90s….

also, last thing, V for Vendette is really nice. please let me know if you want to go to cinema with me next week….. it depicted a world of year 2000 as if the Nazis won the 2nd world war…interesting, isn’t that?

"have mercy….."

"not tonight!"


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He is lazy, so he left nothing here.

3 Responses to again some thoughts without title

  1. Diana says:

    hihi…your blog now appear as Korean in me..hihi….so weird!!

  2. Will says:


  3. Pengxuan says:


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