the beauty of the last kilometer

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asked me about why I keep jogging all the time. It isn’t funny at
all, that you have to endure all the boring site views and risk your
life in high times. I see the other way. Professor Choe said people
are greedy and greedy is good. I can feel it when I am doing my
jogging. I see no reason to deny I am a person not satisfied just
with what I can do now, I want to see bigger picture and I want to
experience higher competition. This also applies to the way I jog.
When I can run up to 12 mins, I felt so tired and exhausted, but
thanks to god, I still can finish it. Then why not try 24 mins. After
that, why not 36 mins, and till now 50 mins in 1 year. The good thing
about this that I can feel instantly is my heartbeat rate lower to 60
per min sometimes(just sometimes). I am approaching my one of my many
dreams, finish a marathon in one’s life time, which I haven’t got any
gut to think about that a year ago, yet it is coming into reality
after I sighed up into one of biggest marathon in Seoul next month,
only half course. However, it is this little step that restores or
more accurately, build up my own confidence. I wouldn’t deny anything
about this, yes, I will run marathon and till the last minute in the
world that I can tell myself, that I have archived something most
people on earth can’t ever think about.

this is not the overwhelming reason for jogging. I prefer call the
most important one, the beauty of last kilometer. I do feel exhausted
all the time, but in no case had I ever stopped on the way just
because of that, because I kept telling myself, u stop, u stop
forever, there is no alternative for not keeping on. The joyful
moment, the prize of this always comes in the last kilometer. When
you know you can and will finish this in less than 4 minutes, you
will start to feel the beauty of last kilometer.

is exactly came to me this morning. 15 kilometers in 52 mins, not
bad. Last moment I saw the sun’s rising, shining on my body for I
wasn’t feeling chilly anymore, the road become golden not the usual
dusty and dull, the wind blows whistling around your ears, as if you
got a sixth sense only can by touched at that moment.

will strive on even in risk of my legs……


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