something about religion

i wrote this one year ago…..might be an insult, please be generous.

something about religion

once upon a time, i was a kid. always wonder if there anyone lives upon
the sky. day goes by, it seems to me that of course, no one lives
there, how come. upon the sky is sky above, how can they live without
enough oxygen, water, or earth to stand with.

then i gave up this thought, and became a non-believer under the communist system.

of chinese people maybe believe more in budhism more than christianity,
fine by me. but the problem to them is they don’t go to temple to pay
reverence to their believed god until they got problems or they want
god to help them. again, how come? you don’t give, how can you expect
yourself to receive.


not until i came to korea
did i realize a problem, that is why half of the korea people have
believed in jesus and god. as scientific developing, it seems there is
no illusion for us to follow. everything can be explained by science
rather than god, even there is something cannot be explained, nor does
jesus can expain neither.

so why.

i have PVC course here.
PVC means personal virtue and characters, which, i personally think, is
kind of religion history. we learn the history of Christianity, or
MUSLIM. i know what the eid-al fitr is. i know what is the relationship
between jesus and god. knowing the immaculate conception. know what
baptism is. anyway, i learn a lot that not exist in my world before.

i am enlightened.

still not knowing why.

my pvc mid-term exam, asking about how to balance the relation between
the science and supernatural phenomenas. how can i explain that if i
still am a non believer.

than comes novels by Don Brown.

start to realize something moral that exist in Christianity rather than
science. science can heal the disease, can cure the patient, can build
comfortable house, can produce the food we need… science do a lot of
things that help us, but….

it still could be evil. the gun, the artilery, not to mention the nuclear bomb.

in this situation. we need religion. it is religion that improve our
morality rather than decrease it, maybe they are not real one, but i
have to emphasize that we need them. what it does just like a lamppost
around the corner showing you what is right, what is wrong, kind of law
and regulations in your heart.

what if the world without it.

i suppose genocide will be spread over the world without any limitation.

in this sense, we need religion.

when i have the law of treaty class. i suddenly ask myself, why not
myself creat a religion that fills all the gap between science and god.
if science says there is no god. fine, then there is no god in my
religion. if i think there is something science need to be aware of,
fine, my religion could offer that. we could be their pollar in their
lifes. we could be the compasses in their voyage. we could be anything.

so maybe i will……………………………..


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