easy your computer–using Flickr

Easy your computer

tips 2,

People always want to find things free in Internet, things don’t come free. however, sometime rules are broken.

sometimes is this time. I am so proud to present to you the highly popular photo sharing website. www.flickr.com

which you can upload your foto, keep the original size and share with your friends, also it provides pic host that means,
u can use fotos there in your MSN blog (check the tip I).

besides these, this website is a damn good place for you to find wallpapers. close to life yet without losing the sense on art….

if u do, add me as your contact…my logging name is linpengxuan

if you are using free account, you are limited with 200 pics, after that, the old ones will be gone in your page but actually still existed, u just lost its address. but you are with Linpengxuan, don’t worry about that, go to this site, search your name, look what surprise you can get.


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He is lazy, so he left nothing here.

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