easy your computer

I will open a new column, try to share the experience I gained from using computer. these tips are not necessary for u to master, but if u do, computer would be a better friend to you.

tips. 1.

today’s tip is show you how to post your picture in the blog, like the one I do below.

basically, two ways.

1, easy one. go to the picture you want to post, select it and u will see the color of pic changes, that means u successfully select it. then press Ctrl-C
2, open a new entry in your blog.
3, press Ctrl-V.

second one,

a little bit more difficult. let us say, u got this address.  http://static.flickr.com/55/106224189_3ef2124d55.jpg

1, open a new entry in your blog.
2, in the editing area, click <HTML> button, then you will see there is a <br> in the area.
3, now use this one in your area.
<img src="http://…"&gt;,
in my case,
<img src="http://static.flickr.com/55/106224189_3ef2124d55.jpg"&gt;
4,publicize this entry, Voila!

tell me what u want to know to see if we can share more, my friends.


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  1. says:

    O 现在才拜读到…… 总觉得自己马上要被时代淘汰了,不知道补课来得及不。

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