flash lighting

I am prond to annouce a newly opened colume, sudden thought. in this section, i will write down all those things suddenly come into my minds but will soon disappear without a trace if, i don’t make a note.

today’s about breaking power into monopoly.

people talk about monopoly, some of them would come with Microsoft, indeed. it is a monopoly company in IT. but if we observe the history more carefully, MS itself is either one of the piorneer to break the monopoly by IBM at early times or the one to defend its monopoly, it just keeps changing roles all the time.
this is not what i about to say. I want to say, behold, fear not to the monopoly. in 1995, when Navigator is all around the WWW, MS broke its monopoly by integrating IE into Windows. also, when IE takes the share of browser market by 98%, here comes the Firefox( the one i am using now, those who are using IE are those who havn’t discover the good deeds and conviniece of FF, and those who are using FF are those who have used IE), in a very short time, it just takes up its number over 10%.

let us move to search engine. before google came into being, it is dominated by Yahoo, thought it still does now but with less shares. just like days past, people change their habits and move into the arms of google, also they put the last nails on the coffin of those fail to evolve, who are very good examples of bad things about monopoly, it just makes u stop.

monopoly itself is nothing more than a number, a status, something usual, if we can go up with ideas, put them into reality and make them believe it would be stupid if they don’t use them…

idea would be most important. make it real. knows what customers really want by doing some role-changing or polls.

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