to be grateful for what i have

i can’t say i am not happy recently, after i found out, actually, i am not happy all the time. and i hate a situation like this to be covered by others.

that is my bad thing, gain my face all the time and pretend to be it… now one of my best thing is once i found the problem, i would like to dig it up.

so today, i went to my psychiatric consulttuant, ms Dianna. thoought without making too much progress, we do have some contructive advice on how to rectify my track into right way.

and a lot more…..

to be continued…..


one day past, I suddenly realized, correct or not, what I am facing now is a problem to everyone, and this is phase everyone has to go through at least once in a life time, the difference is a matter of time.

when thought of this, I guess I should have more courage for I know my problem, and I am try to solve it and will manage it……


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One Response to to be grateful for what i have

  1. Anastasia Diana Elina says:

    "my psychiatric consulttuant, ms Dianna"… why u always wrote my name is Dianna…by the way…my signature is good right? hihi…
    everyone will face it at least once in a lifetime…so don’t worry…i knew u can get through every obstacle…
    not always but the courage will….

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