confession of Economy Hit Man

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confession of an EHM

Americans want to take control the whole world. And now it could not
be a better time doing it for it is already pretty much close to that
point. USSR may stand on its way, but will prove to be
destructive.(it was been proved in 1990) the competition in the
future would not between the communism and capitalism but a war of
faith, a war between Muslim and Christian. History has proved this
several times. Ideology couldn’t do anything, take a look at USSR, it
has no substance, no economy, no faith, it was set up to doom. There
are no other things in the world more faithful than Muslim world. So
right now we wait, till we grow stronger, then we fight like a


hit man. Usually disguise as employee of multinational corporation
been deployed over the world after world war II when arms conflict
prove to be not a good solution in resolving dispute related to
resource in cold war times. When they failed their mission, and their
successor fail either, say, jack man, war would be the final but only
solution. The first and second gulf war, the 1967 war between Israel
and Egypt….

is another excerpt by Bill Clinton who cited from Mr. Churchill.
American would always find the best way to solve the problem only
after it exhaustive all the other alternatives.

and do we have to?

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