put, with a cold and beard face, he made some noise out of his mouth.
If anything happens to me or my family, an accident, an accusation,
anything, then first your son will disappear, his body will never be
found. Then your wife. Her body will never be found either. This is
guaranteed. Then, whatever is the most dangerous thing you do in your
life, it might be flying in a small plane, it might be walking to the
bank, you will be killed. Do you understand what I’m saying? I want
you to acknowledge that you do understand so that we’re clear and
there won’t be any mistakes. In a cruel, cold yet confidence voice,
those lines mirrors an attitude from a CIA agent who has been working
for his country for decades, yet found out been betrayed by the same
employer. Wrath and anger would not be enough to describe what he
could feel, however, still what he would do later prove him as a
patriot and man of love, peace and equality.

those are lines from Syriana, one of triology political movies( I
rated accordingly, includes “the Manchuria’s Candidate””The
Fahrenheit 911”), has push this movie into a words-killing episode.
We might be sick of typical Hollywood things, full of explosion,
heroism, one-man-save-the-world things or Tom Cruise. Yet for this
kind, I am sure, by unveiling the mysterious agency, we will be
exposed to a person more than real, a person of vengeance set in an
era, the oil price skyrocketing high. What else can one man ask for
more? Define real and cool before u say there might be one more than
those. Harry Potter, Narnia are fairy tales, this is novel damn
suitable for adults.

this movie, one deserve your second time tasting to enjoy more.





be cozy up by me, make our own decisions! thers is a small trick embedded, see if you can find this one!

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Image hosting by Photobucket


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