talk with president

am not good at talking, so when he tried to preach something to me,
the best thing is to keep silent, and pretend all he said was right.
Even though he made it right by an authoritarian way, somehow I still
have an complex to fight against his words yet foresee an
already-known answer, he is not that easily changed.

prepared many sounding reasons for him, all of which I can’t even
start a word. It is not that I lost my confidence, but I found, as
usual, all the effort I made, am making would be in vain. In other
words, the struggle is meaningless, whose only result makes him feel
you are not serious enough. Fine. I had better shut up!

again, he changed my mind. I hate to say that I am the straw blowing
in the wind, but not an eagle there is something for sure. I tried to
explain what I want to be after that, but I found I lost myself in an
empty space, didn’t know what to say. Do I really want to take that
position there? Ask myself. The instinct answer would be No! And the
second one if asked again is of course not. Now, he said my favorite
working place is somewhere bigger and I have already lost my
confidence. I did lost my confidence on finding a job especially I
can’t arrange an interview with them or get refusal time and time
again. But this confidence is not necessary in need for me, Or this
kind of confidence. What I need is what I have now, so don’t worry
about that!

make the same mistake twice. So, I guess he is right, a second time!


About linpx
He is lazy, so he left nothing here.

4 Responses to talk with president

  1. Jenny says:

    dont worry about those meaningless things,for you , job is not anything serious,just do yourself is enough.

  2. Will says:

    The One And Only.

  3. Pengxuan says:

    what do u mean?

  4. LIN says:

    Grown-ups are those who definitely know what they want. Are we?

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