running like a crazy dog

like a crazy dog!

am not a person boasting the ability of self-control or discipline.
however, Jogging is an exceptional. when asked why now, why in cold
winter days. I gave them fake answers, say, have some reasons to buy
new clothes, on diet, keep myself fit, it is cool or it is cold (not
even sounds reasonable). but in fact, I don’t need reasons for
jogging. it to me like food and water to human body, yes, I addict to
it, incredibly.

two days, I have my regular clothes changed into my set, my running
set. then run, run, run, run like Forrest Gump, run like a crazy dog.
I don’t even need to know where to end, for the course itself make me
feel high enough.

I know I can make it, with courage and efforts.


About linpx
He is lazy, so he left nothing here.

2 Responses to running like a crazy dog

  1. ambrosiay says:

    it’s cool….i’ll start my physical exercise from 2006 and wish i’m persistent on it at least in 2006:P

  2. Anastasia Diana Elina says:

    wow… that’s why you get fever! Forrest Gump…he run in summer! not in winter :) haha…dumber than Forrest Gump?

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