Perhaps Love

should be most dulling movie I ever seen before moving into a theater
and taking a look at it by accident when my desiring one is Narnia,
or even after watched the first stage when a stupid Korean guy
jumped out of a 70s’ bus and began to dance and sing that moment
forced a shit coming out of my mouth, another night was ruined. And
it turned out to prove me wrong again by my ending at tears.

story was simple from a literature way, the story of past, presence
and in the movie. A girl fooled around in Beijing the end of 80s, a
time western culture holding a conflict controversial dispute with
Confusion in China. She tried all her means to make herself famous
including her body till she made it during which she, incredibly,
fell in love with a Hong Kong student who was learning movie art
then, truly and faithfully. Two faces of young girl made her lost and
disdain herself that resulted in leaving him, which was
unquestionable and foreseeable. However, where one’s imagination
goes, where the movie could end. The two Chinese met at last, famous
but with indifferent faces to everything including themselves or far
and soon between.

I always treated art is a way by translating simplicity into complex
ones, the more un-understandable, the more successful it could be or
we might say, it could be regarded. Same rule applies here. The
director is a good one, especially has a right for final cut. I was
living in wonderland without knowing where I was at the begging of
the 30 mins. What the hell is he trying to talk about by inserting
the past, presence one by another, as if you were swimming in
tropical area at one time, the next you would have been exposed in
the Antarctica watching those polar bears, naked. Damn it!

I wouldn’t regard it fail. It is good one, two thumbs up. And you
were shown it in Korea that a good sign to know the movie industry in
China is reviving, given the fact another Chinese one also became a
blockbuster here.

story could never happen on us, we regular people, but deserve us to
fade the feeling inside. Perhaps Love, one you should, perhaps sip.

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6 Responses to Perhaps Love

  1. chen says:

    beautiful and romantic

  2. Will says:

    我还没看问一句比之芝加哥如何红磨坊呢看你评价不错啊 考虑去看一下还没下档

  3. Pengxuan says:


  4. ambrosiay says:


  5. l says:

    芝加哥,红磨坊,歌剧寐影 都不错,辉煌绚烂而美丽。这部片似乎很假却把人的眼泪都骗下来了。。就像夜半歌声,歌剧寐影的翻版,但只夜半歌声骗了我的眼泪,看来中国人很会煽情,从骨子里煽的让人感动。不过有这等功效的电影还是很值得一赞。。比起神话,无极,艺妓回忆录,还是这片感动些。。

  6. Pengxuan says:


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