Jan 1st,2006

tomorrow it would be Jan 1st. again. shit. since when I lost my feeling about the coming new year, I don’t know. or too many jan 1sts have diluted me in an era of rest.
anyway, I should be happy. I didn’t die, I guess this could be one of not-too-many things I might celebrate. you don’t know how dangerous it could be when I run on the icy roads, hoping those cars not going to hit me half dead or full. either way poses a common on my way.
movies say how a man treat his own car shows how a man treat himself. I agree. in this cold, dark winter days, I am going to give me something special!

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He is lazy, so he left nothing here.

7 Responses to Jan 1st,2006

  1. Jenny says:

    anyway ,it’s a new start and you should be happy,for you are such a sunny guy:)i am glad to sit with you for a whole year,really:)

  2. Will says:

    in this cold, dark winter days貌似有语法错误不过也许是我错了本人现在英语文盲中……

  3. 传欣 says:

    happy new year 哈哈 我可以在这里说尤文啦

  4. 传欣 says:

    应该是英文 哈哈 打错了

  5. ambrosiay says:

    啊!楼下的抢了偶1/1沙发~~~@_@Happy New Year!!! U looks great and u r great!!!

  6. Pengxuan says:

    well, that is my honor. and you are right, wang. in these, I am careless. thanks, everyone.

  7. l says:

    hehe, i just saw the picture which u and my roommate sitting on a bed with the white mask,haha,so funny , u guys….i can see ur joy at that time:) ,and btw, you all call me niaoni??!!hehe, anyway, i know it’s me.

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