King & Kong

1, I went to Picaddily for King kong. alone means there was only me. you believe that, the conductor asked me to buy two tickets as if she have been acuitance to me for a long time. I want to kill myself, for people around me were in couple.
2, ever imagine  a monkey fighting with 3 dogs. well, if u did. then, you are in the right track, King kong faught with 3 dinosaurs, which were last seen in the jurrusic park, the most bloody, deadest ones.
3, Peter Jackson is making a movie as if an animation. you are totally astoned by the incredable movements in the movie, maybe same as Tom and Jerry, the only differences are one from people, one pictures.
4, Noami Watts is a rising star, who I really take as would be famous as next Nicole Kidman. She acts so successfully in Molholland Drive, being an actrees seeking for autions everywhere and hoping her hollywood dream come true, while fighting with her own illusion, in which she fell love with another girl in spot, lesbian.
5, I nearly cried at the end of the movie. this is a reason good enough to be put in the top 250 list.



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One Response to King & Kong

  1. Anastasia Diana Elina says:

    Cried because so dissapointed or you really want to cry?

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