at last.

day, though cold. They left, some for China, some Pusan, wawo, seems
as if we are the king of the school now, eh, things could not be
better yeah, you are right, party tonight. The first day ever I got
up at 10:50 after saw them off, damn it, feel good. I am lazy, so
nothing is expected to be done during He’s absence. Then I get bored.
What can I do to kill time? To kill myself, not bad an idea, and not
now. I wrapped my ass off the bed, staring in the mirror with my Ray Ban for a long
time, perfect. Satisfied, I figured out why not make it a little bit
more perfect. So today’s tip of free is shining your shoes, taking
your one-month-not-washed jeans to laudary. Believe me, my friend,
that is nice.

my pick today is Dixie chicks’s cold day in July.


About linpx
He is lazy, so he left nothing here.

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