Happy Birthday, President

begin today’s blog, let me ask you a question. Could you please tell
me what you would feel at your 60th birthday? eh… hard
to say. Yeah, that is a good thing about being a human, one could
never know what happens next? No one would disagree about we do our
jobs, so does God. Then let us focus on the job we could do. At 60,
some would retire, some still work, some in jail I suppose, or die in
traffic accidents, I don’t know. The thing I am sure about is, some
won’t have a chance to celebrate their birthdays as Our President,
who is able to send invitations as many as 2000, enjoys the remarks
from his 90-year-old tutor, or takes greeting from his students
across Asia. Some had said, President lives in a big dream, I agree,
but his dream will finalize because of his own will, strong
determination and broad vision.

years is a circle of life. Now with a newly freshed life, President
marches on.


About linpx
He is lazy, so he left nothing here.

3 Responses to Happy Birthday, President

  1. Anastasia Diana Elina says:

    Yeah, our Father is very special…that’s why you should put his name on your prayer:)

  2. Na says:

    I agree with you. Few can have a birthday celebration like this. Nor would 90% of the people have the opportunity to experience the utmost happiness and satisfaction as our dear President, which I saw from the smile on his red face. I don’t know what the guests greeted him. But I did have a deep impression on the gift prepared by juniors illustrating their special love. However, the fact that even though they were really quite busy with their courses, they spent much time on drawing the painting , sticking their pictures on it and making a lovely video, makes me, a senior, feel a little guilty, since we just presented a card given much more free time. That is true that President has a pretty big dream. He is not only living in his dream but also striving for it. At the same time, it is this unthinkable dream that backs him up and gives his strength and vitality. Also it is this dream that brings us hope and respect to him. God blesses our dream comes true!

  3. Pengxuan says:

    yeah, you are right. why not put this in your blog?

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