On iraq2

everything comes for a reason. So does everything done by him. what I am trying to say is, he is elected at least by a big margin over John Kerry in a country regarded as most democratic place, there are no reasons he was an ass*** as we have ever thought. Last year, I met two Americans, One is young ,the other old. Young one voted for Kerry, the old guy trusted in Bush. what if he was right? what are the reasons behind that almost conservitive Americans love him? that comes the last line of my blog, I am not biased. for me, I lived in a communist country where trying to embrace the capitalism without changing its own political system, there weren’t enough or impartial material for us to comprehend the world, in other words, we were raised with presumptions.  on the other hand, think about regime under Saddem Hussein, people tortured to death, for more servere in the Prison Gate taking place nowadays. they didn’t find WMD there doesn’t mean Saddam hadn’t that thoughts. I am trying to ask all the parties involved to calm down and adopt a more peaceful way to solve the problem,but unfortunetly, we are human beings, a creature dying for fighting and competing.

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6 Responses to On iraq2

  1. chen says:

    before soviet-union broke up, the condition maybe better,at least it can hold down and compete with US; but now, only one super country, the world need a stronger EU and China…

  2. 传欣 says:

    你几时也开始对政治问题感兴趣啦?看来这里真是练习阅读理解的好地方 连评论都是全英文的了 更新的照片不错 不少勾起了我们美好的回忆啊 哈哈 特别是“看片”一张 ,还有吗?继续

  3. Pengxuan says:

    yes, you are right. however, u must have misunderstanding, I am trying to say, it would be better the world is untormented by wars, and the people without boundary, a utopian dream.

  4. ambrosiay says:

    先斩后奏:在自己的地盘加了你地链接:P 可以吧?!政治地东西看起来好累啊@_@

  5. Chen says:

    politics is to make troubles and settle them, and basically the politicians do not care in which way.

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