on Iraq

always am a person of gratitude that I was born in a country without
Fire, yet not an indifferent person. Sometimes I came cross some
headlines saying another human-body bomb in Iraq, or the death- toll
of dead American now raises to a record-high, the sadness would get
out from the deep memory. Let us leave all those politics and games
alone, just focus on the unrecoverable events. Don’t know if those in
west wings get the idea, but I want to strike it again, like the
brave mother does in Bush’s texas ranch, do u have any idea about the
ones dying for your own political interests. In a time of so-called
terrorism, misunderstanding is the last thing you ever need. Don’t
you forget all man are created equally, and they have the right to be
left alone, don’t you dare forget the lines in your national library,
or your own history, if I am allowed to call that history, was also
built in the name of freedom or liberty. Yes, you are right, you come
to save them as God wants you, one and only one excuse you might use;
or as any President of American would have done, no, you father did
not, Mr Clinton did not. You are the deadliest terrorist on Earth,
Mr. Bush.

Why not take a look at the pic. With the scarf, he is unidentified
and an assasin, without it, he has to carry his own family, maybe
there is a girl waiting to see him next morining, who might not make

believe in equality, an equality beyond boundray, let alone the
position, salary, anything. Also, human being just is an object in
Nature, Universe. Either shining as star or living as a bug, you

am not biased, for that after a long time, you are nothing but a
rotting body in the earth.


About linpx
He is lazy, so he left nothing here.

3 Responses to on Iraq

  1. l says:

    absolutely agree!!

  2. ambrosiay says:

    "Where there is life, there is hope."now what we can say is just "Hold your hope and keep your life go on……"

  3. chen says:

    "You are the deadliest terrorist on Earth, Mr. Bush." couldn’t agree any more!

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