a journey west III–Louvre


de Louvre
more could i say, I am already much luckier than most of chineses on
this earth.

I came to Louvre, the first thing pop up on mind is Mona Lisa, not
just because of Don Brown’s novel, but from other sources. A famous
masterpiece, by Leonardo De Vinci, is regarded as one of the most
important collections in Louvre and indeed its treatment in Louvre is
worthy mentioning, no photo, no video, a two layer glasses box, which
I believe a voltage high enough to kill a cow and bulletproof
features might not still rest the curator’s heart, that is why I was
asked to stop taping once I took my DV out by a sudden-appear

told someone in Group1, Mona Lisa is famous over the world by most of
the people around the world, and I was then standing in front of her,
enjoying her tranquility and smoothness style, amazing then painting
technique, and paying my worship to Leonardo as well. That is what I
would say. I am not inheriting an artist mind, I am not knowing what
is art, but I was standing just in front of her, in front of
something known by everyone. That already raised me to a new level,
and it did.





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3 Responses to a journey west III–Louvre

  1. ambrosiay says:

    Hope I can stand in front of Mona Lisa and feel what my feeling be one day :) I’m much more interesed in Venus de Milo…."pure beautiful"..imagine in my dream~~~世界文化遗产的保护是全球化的,每个国家在这方面都是不遗余力的。可是这个过程却是繁复曲折的,不同的历史背景,文化蕴传,社会发展都会对其流传产生迥异的影响。这些艺术品本身是纯粹的,却是因为蕴藏着历史的痕迹而被人们所顶礼膜拜。我们能有幸见到的,是历史要告诉我们的;我们失去的,是历史要我们记住的。我们能做的,是尊重和保护。呵呵,偶对帝国强势保护VS中国弱化生存的观点比较偏激。

  2. says:


  3. Pengxuan says:


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