some memory in Paris I—a jorney west

was already 26 hrs since we left Seoul last time. A journey of
virgin, I suppose this trip would be. And certainly it was. The first
stop is Hong Kong. My dream place, which I have thought about
visiting couple times. Time is limited, even me I don’t have enough
time to set up my wireless network in the airport.

Hong Kong Stop

is only the modernized constructions and the Cantonese-English mixing
speaking environment make me realize this is the 3rd last
land China reclaimed from its colonies, and which still keeps its own
distances from the owner. Everything was not quite strange to me,
for I know this is typical airport, only with a knowledge that this
airport seems to be rated as the most human friendly airport over the
earth, apart from this, I know nothing about here as I do to Hong
Kong, not to mention the newly open Disneyland. What amazed, which I
should not used is the Internet from wireless network is free. I
regretted my short staying there, for I got chance to stay so close
with the eastern pearl but with a not-enough time. Packing all my
stuff along with unbagged slippers is the things I finished in 15
seconds for I was informed to get on board.

first touch and leaving off the Hong Kong.


hate to admit I am a person of missy, but indeed I am. You will know
by telling from the diaries I made.

I enjoyed a business class with an economic ticket. It was a little
things you can embrace only with some braveness and losing face. I
sat on the first row of my cartage. For I know I can’t stuck on this
small room for 12 hrs. come on, that disastrous memory I took in my
first bachlor year backing home reminded me again. Cool, and I did
it, took a seat which by then not been taken yet. With no luck, I had
to surrender it later when the seat holder came to me. Damn it, I
told myself in my heart. Then I moved to another seat in the first

time-killing. First, I made a question to a fly attendant, who I
thought was beautiful and mature about the electric plug. Her
positive answer surprised me for I didn’t really expect to hear a
yes. Not until I found the plug needed a transfer did it make me sad.
Damn it, again. She told me I could buy a tax-free transfer plug. I
made my own move, good, why not, then I could play with my computer
all the time from then on with a psychiatric price of 10 dollar. I
knew I was gonna say damn it again, for it was priced 116 dollar.

lend me one.

I will ask someone if he agreed. This attendant from Cathay Airline
indeed did not fail me.

charge you 5 dollars an hour.

it, tell me that was a joke. I was almost come out with this sentence
were he not someone strange to me. And he is making a joke and I felt
shamed for not catching that.

she is nice. For whatever reason I don’t want to believe, say, that
is her job, she was trained to do this. Rather I would like to
believe that was just because of me. Like the good old days when I
was in ECUPL, I chose to believe all the girls’ apple in their eyes
is me, ridiculous but felt good.

is beautiful.

is mature enough,*******************(del 6 words here), I suppose.

did not thank her directly for I got no chance. I will pray for her.
May god bless her and beautify her more.


is not the first thing we felt after a 12 hr long journey in a plane
full of non-stopping and quite disturbing noise. It was all just
because it was Paris. Don’t mention the Taxi are from Mercedes Benz
or Volkswagen. I am a self-lover that could even love me more by
receiving a smile from the custom lady.

tower and other places as planned to visit did not really recall my
attention too much, rather it was those distinguish and unique style
of France streets and well-dress French or foreigners raise my
appetite to know this country more. I will write more about this

institute locates in a place near Paris, not quite much known to
visitors but worthy traveling. I guess that is something we should
proud of, isn’t it?

tired now, I am gonna to get rid off my jet leg.


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3 Responses to some memory in Paris I—a jorney west

  1. ambrosiay says:

    I’d expeirenced a 12 hr long tour in a coach, full of smoking with no window open!!!!~~~almost kill me~~~and those ugly and terrible men didn’t permit me open the window just because they felt cold -___-#…so u see u r sooooooo lucky!!

  2. Pengxuan says:


  3. ambrosiay says:


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