habits of gold

habits of million dollars.
1. it doesn’t matter what you want to do, it matters when. do it now.
2. an art of knowing what and how to give up.

for those of you really have a lot more time than I do, you can read
it. be aware, this is none but an american antelope, jump, jump without

when it comes to me that I am not busy, which, unfortunetely is the
case for me all the time, I start to think about why people keep trying
to gain something, something and something more. this way left me no
result, for I am not a philosopher. but some would say that is meaning
of life. shit. what is life?

life is nothing but a box of chocalate, u never know what it would
taste next, but there is at least something we can do by looking the
shape or the wrapper of the chocalate, we will know it would probably
made of peanuts or chusnuts than it otherwise could be. I take that as
the initialtive.

apparently, I am a person happen to be good at preaching something. I
could easily find a way how to solve the issue. the problem is that, I
am just way too lazy, or afraid of changing, that results in a lacking
of initiative. I means, sometimes what I need to do is take the first
step, then 2nd, then 3rd… one by one till the end and voila, job is
done, and usually I would convince myself time and time again, since I
already get the knowhow, do I need to. No is a preferable answer,

retrospecting most leaders, they don’t deal with disputes same way as I
do, they convince not only them but the persons around them, and they
do, and do them gung-ho.

ok, here comes to my first conclusion, rule 1 to make you’re 1st million bucks is it doesn’t matter what you want to do, it matters when. do it now.

one of my very best friends, or, Miss Barbie according to her own
words, asked me not to push myself too hard. I didn’t, I just cried for
my own mirage, something not impossible but diffcult. he who has more
choices has no choices. I am him.

frankly, I don’t have a clear roadmap. sometimes I would do this,
sometimes I prefer to others. I just can’t dig something out, the way I
invest my time is problematic if not crazy.

rule No. 2, give up something before you set out for your targets.


About linpx
He is lazy, so he left nothing here.

4 Responses to habits of gold

  1. Xiaolin says:

    in short: now; give up

  2. Pengxuan says:

    u r right. u r right.haha.

  3. 传欣 says:


  4. Pengxuan says:


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