chaos theory

start to worry about my family, of none but their health, after my
reading over an article “Life Changes lead to reduce your chances
of heart attack and stroke”. I don’t know whether they have already
realized or not, that their own choices would somehow, decisively set
their own way in future. The same as Chaos Theory, just a little step
makes a gap in ten years, or 20. so why not we just give up the
smoking or have a moderate drinking rather than in an unacceptable
way to spoil your own chips. Otherwise, me, your son have to have
taken a consideration of 29% chance in heart attacking and smoking in
next decade since you are already in your own fifties. And I would
definitely not go to take it as a lottery for no such things in the
world boasts for 29% hitting prizes, the same way implying a 29 out
of 100 person of the same physical conditions would suffer while the
other 79 would not in just 10 years, which would be exponential
increasing at your 70s. Why not I bet one million dollars on my ass
for that would of course happen in future time, say 20 if not 10,
lest you don’t wrap yourself off those habits and keep them away from
your touch. My suggestion is either you take off, or you suffer.

more attention to your own cholesterol level and blood pressure by a
regular system of seeing doctors, getting rid off smoking, your daily
dietary intaking, and physical practicing as well, which according to
those scientific nerds will result in a as low as 3% of outbreaking.

u remember, my father, we could almost share a quick money if you
quit smoking after mom asked me to persuade u to do that for a prize
of the amount in case u quit and I proposed to spit this prize for
compensating your own sacrifice. U didn’t. Single thought change the
life, isn’t it? Or won’t it? We’ll see.


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