很想再写东西,却知道有些东西是不能放到网上的。看着大家都在向前冲,趟过这条河,而我却没有丝毫动力,呵呵,what more can i
say. "keep in touch", studpid  words, a metaphor of "can u help me
in future ‘cos we were classmates b4". remember what I need to do ,
where to go.

About linpx
He is lazy, so he left nothing here.

3 Responses to untitled

  1. ambrosiay says:

    一个喜欢HAPPY ENDING的人伤心的时候却无处发泄手脚冰凉人发抖却坚持光脚穿着凉拖鞋看着伤口突突冒血却无从下手治疗周围山一样高的垃圾堆却只是扫了一个圈坐下来(突然觉得可笑~~)mean nothing to u, just my feeling…

  2. Pengxuan says:


  3. Rachel says:


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