story began in France

Here the story begins
Being there in the middle of Autumn, we found the concern of the
weather could be one of the reasons why we went earlier than the last
year’s schedule. In other words, our schedule fits us, it wasn’t
neither too hot nor extreme cold. To our surprise, we didn’t use
umbrella or thick jacket a lot during 3 weeks as we were told of
unpredictable climate by our seniors. However, what we haven’t foreseen
is have to walk all the time, started and ended in our institute in
Chantily-Gouvieux, from 7 am to 7 pm sometimes, the only time-break was
enjoyed during our lunch time in University Restaurant everyday. I
would be really exaggerate or hypocrite to say we did enjoy everyday.
sometimes the cases would be that we started in the early morning when
it was still dark, come back at 5 or 6, prepared food for the rest of
students and most of all, washed all the dishes till 11 o’clock due to
unexperienced skill. As time flied, those small and tedious things
become part of our lives and we did cherish them. We had problems
dealing with everything, by solving them with Myungkun and other doctor
students, we also became closer friends. Besides, isn’t dealing and
solving the problem one of the virtues and characters future leader
should bear?
We, 30 students along with Doctor students and staff Mr. Kim, were
divided into 4 groups, where all non- graduate students were assigned
to group 4. for the first 3 groups, we were responsible for cooking and
cleaning turn by turn, 3 days around. Also, a voting system was
introduced to increase the competition aiming at a higher quality of
service, it worked as quoted from some economic textbook,”competitions
are good, competitions observe the rules in market”. By doing so, all
the dinner seemed to be more diversified as coming to the end of the
field study under the guide of all the chefs and cooks in 3 groups, an
indication of fiercer competition among one another, although with a
shortage of food supplied when we were informed of the avian flu
sporadically found in European Continent, which cut the chicken off the
list, and a not-too-much budget over dinner. We were proud of this, for
one thing, we could have more, second, more cooperation among us with
an understanding for each other, thus resulted in strengthening the
friendship, as I mentioned in acknowledgment.

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5 Responses to story began in France

  1. Chen says:

    first, i cannot image the life u had to walk from Gouvieux to RAR station!second, i cannot image the life u had not chicken on ur table during the fieldstudy!hehehe! anyway u did experience it!

  2. Unknown says:


  3. Unknown says:


  4. OuyangJinying says:

    Myungkun,是说这个名字怎么这么熟悉,果然如你所说,原来是个doctor啊, 出现在我们今早的mid-term的case中.

  5. says:

    好久没见了 还是挺精神的哦^_*P.S:看见你和我现在舍友的同学在一张照片里,很奇妙

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