on My birthday

Couple days ago, when I
held my birthday party in Pingpong room, I addressed to my juniors,
my classmates and our doctor students, never do I feel so close to
each other as brothers and sisters, never do I realize the gap
between Chinese and non-Chinese group could be narrowed down to an
almost non-existent level after European Field Study. Those are some
extra benefits we gained from the trip, which, thanks to TLBU
multinational education system, also provides us an opportunity to
broad our vision abroad, refine our leadership, increase our regional
cooperation between Asia countries and our European counterparts to a
higher level. Words need no more, but thanks, Mr. President.


About linpx
He is lazy, so he left nothing here.

One Response to on My birthday

  1. Unknown says:

    dear penny bro,sorry didnt remember ur birthday lah, appologize~~~one year older now, plz.. wake up n be mature!!hehe..牛MM

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