to pampam

My deer Pam_pam,

probably you have figured out ,ewuuu, stupid pengxuan, misspelling
dear. Well ,no , that is what I meant to. You are welcome.
you don’t know how much we miss u and personally how much i miss u.
always said to myself, i would write u a long letter, taking this as a
consideration, you won’t feel so sad when u just get an I know from my
last reply to u, as i am doing redemption now,hahah….
i guess this is a quite cool start, isn’t it? don’t laugh, i know you
would agree from the bottom of ur heart.hahah….(i laugh again)
i think i am obligated to have u known what happened in France. Yes.
Riots. Hahah….
actually, we did a really good job in dealing with all our problems
including, moving in group, curfew, speaking english, even interacting
with Myungkun(i myself sacrifice my face several times to get kisses
from him, now i know his name is disgusting myungkun)…. we have our
friendship enhanced. And this could probably be the first time i feel
the chemistry between brothers and sisters (I mean altogether) in TLBU,
and also manage to understand more about President and his ambition.
Hope u are healthy, and you juniors are good , thanks to me, you know.
And say hello to your family if they still remember
me……ahhahahahahahahahah.. again you are welcome. sincerely, mighty


About linpx
He is lazy, so he left nothing here.

One Response to to pampam

  1. Anastasia Diana Elina says:

    Oh ya, on behalf of indonesian Junior…(just behalfing Gerry i think hehe) because I am the other indonesian junior…ok…I really want to say thanks to Mighty LinPengXuang soooo much…Yeah Pam, Fyi, he is so kind, generous and very very..woaaaa so hard for me to explain…that;s why u also missed LinPengXuan so much, right Pam :)he is just an adorable person, really????hehe still need to thingking about it little bit….and I also do a great job on telling something that he didn’t know….such as GANDI….:)ok then….enjoy your Privilege LinPengXuan…ohhh that’s unfair!!!it’s damn cold in here….

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