viva group 1

Lin Pengxuan

I would also like to express my
gratitude to all my group members, you are always generous and
supportive to all the other members. With the same feeling as Both
and khieng, I would like to keep this good time into my memory as a
token not for the past but a brand new start. So why not we, you
know, keep doing kitchen things later, we got chef, we got cleaning
team we got supermarket here, why not.

And I hate to say this, but you guys
are sweet.


Dear all my lovely members,

I am delighted to be one of the members
in groupe I, because we have a great

people in our group and at the same
time i have leaned alot from all of you.

it was a sweet memories for me to share
this precious moment with all of you

(successful future leaders). I really
mean it:)

I personally would like to say sorry to
all our group members of any

unintentional mistakes that i had made
during the field study and other

times and i hope that no one got hurt
ha…? because i used to play alot

with our group members.

Op…., i tell you one thing i am
trying to be a better man now? do you

think so?

Nothing to hide in my heart:)

I love you all of my heart

Triple B

Huy Khieng

Dear all,

I totally agree with Liao Li on your
effort and cooperation to make this field study the best one,
especially for our group 1. Everyone has different specialty, but all
together make the group and the whole field study enjoyable, fruitful
and, more importantly, wonderfull.

Forgive me for not being able to
mention the effort each of you made during the field study (for I am
not very good at praising people :)))  ) I cherish and keep
every of your good things, good characteristics, kindness…. in my
mind and heart rather than speaking them out, but as some of you have
experienced that I would talk something I don’t like about you face
to face. Therefore, forgive me for all the mistakes I made, anger I
had, inconvenience I caused… to all of you so far.

Honestly, I was very worried about
joining group 1 at first. The reason is that I am too negatively
serious and sober, cannot provide any fun and happy environment,
do not have a very friendly and good relationship with all of you
(100%). In other words, I have quite different characteristics from
most of you. That’s totally my problem. Fortunately, I have learnt a
lot from each of you. Though I cannot change myself totally as what
president mentioned in the meeting (less individualistic or be
examplar), I am very happy to learn from you this time and would be
very very extra grateful for your effort and example to keep changing

Enjoy the our TLBU family relationship!

Very Best Regards,


liao li

>Dear group 1 members,

>  Finally we came back
and enjoyed our field study together.I was

>very happy to be with all of
you.During this one month, I saw that

>all of you have many shining
spots.I learned much from you and thank

>you for all of your help.Everything
we did was the best,I believe.

>  Thanks for our Tu-co’s
contribution and sacrifice,especially the

>duck,hehe.Thanks for Khieng and
peiyang’s effort to find the right

>way every time.Thanks for
pengxuan’s carefully taking care of

>everybody on the way and the great
cleaning job.Thanks for Both’s

>kind-hearted taking pictures for
all of us and cutting chicken and

>meat,we felt very happy to be with
you.Thanks for Jiani’s great

>washing dishes with pengxuan and we
enjoyed ur beauty in the

>trip.Thanks for Queen’s delicious
food cooking and should punish you

>for making us all get weight
especially my stomach felt

>angry,hehe(joking:) ).Thanks for
tiantian’s best serving on the

>table and ur computer for me and
Queen.Thanks for qiulin’s chinese

>dishes and ur smile on your red
tomato face,hehe.And at last also

>thanks for my best cutting and my
quickest eating,oh,also my 2

>birhtday cakes,hehe.

>  Finally I suggest all
of us first pick out our individual pictures

>keeping by ourselves and collect
all the pictures of the others and

>then send them to Both. After Both
received , he can send all to

>each of us. We can choose by

>  Group 1, the best!

>  Enjoy ur time ~_~

>  Love you all!



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  2. Pengxuan says:


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