told u, i am good

an excerpt from my goooood senior, hahahahahaaa
hi bro!!!!!!

you are damn sweet do you know that?

but I know something YOU don't know

oh noooo, something you don't know????? well, that's a lot you know


the thing isssss that you miss ME so much hahahahahaha

well, nothing bad with it, I'm happy to know that 😀

I've heard about your kindness to take my juniors everywhere, I really

appreciate it, esp. when you took them to the mosque, thank you so so so


I've told diana to cook the mutton, so don't worry, I think after you come

back from europe they'll have the party hahahahha just ask her 😀

about the teasing things...... you lied!!!

at least I'm glad to hear that Diana still win against you, just like me and

vanda did hehehehehe

that's my brother, is something you can't conqueror from Indonesian girls


well have fun in Paris as I did ok

take care, and send regards to your family too, esp. your pretty little sis,

hope she's ok 🙂

Cordially Yours,



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