let it work. and it works

ladies and gentles, you are not gonna believe what i have done. i tried
to install my wireless card in linux which is my favorite choise to
windows. but i failed all the time when system kernel tried to compile
source into a mod that i could use in linux which solely design to my
computer. here are the steps i took
    1, recompile kernel-failed
    2,recompile another kernel -failed
    3,tried using ndiswrapper rather that rt2500, the
practice of which i have made it successful on my gentoo system -damn
,failed again,
    4,i tried to think ,could be my system’s too, recompile it. failed.
    5.move onto rt2500,another better choice to my wireless card than ndiswrapper.
    6 failed to compile
    7,then i start to think by rename the files , maybe i could cheat on the system.damn,failed again.
8 learn sth from the kernel. when i can’t modprobe it ,it just because
the file i compile was basing on the .config in /usr/src/linux/ , which
is not concorde with  my current kernel if you know what i mean.
9 i start to feel frustrated. but retrospecting all the way i have been throught, no ,i would’nt give up.
10 keep trying. so far , 10 hours has past, and my time leaving for paris seem to be shorten and shorten
11. googling sth and given the fact i could find lspci name in gentoo
but not here in arch, i start to figure could it be this problem, i
switch to gentoo and think maybe the rt2500.ko there could applied to
arch….failed again.
12.then i start to research on the gentoo ebuild , what really surprise
me is there is an patch to pci_name. and that suddenly reminds me , i
got hope.
13 by patching to system myself without any guide or instruction, yes,
i finally make my wireless card working on my computer. and i made it.

card is rt2500. solely design to linux. and i am happy ..hahahahaha…不爱现。


About linpx
He is lazy, so he left nothing here.

One Response to let it work. and it works

  1. Anastasia Diana Elina says:

    hehehe….evil named Diana….hmmmm…sounds familiar in my eyes…huahahah… ohhhh I am not lying…that’s the truth… I thought it was beef, but since the owner said it was fish….hmmmm let me taste it again to make sure it was a fish…. but are you sure it was a fish…..until now i still want to taste it whether it is fish or beef….or am I so stupid that I can’t even differentiate between fish and beef…. ohhhh…..:)

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