good gourment

i am now trying to tell a joke in English, might not be or of course it won’t be funny, but it is true.
it is not until the lunch time that I found myself began to be hungary, given that I already missed my breakfast due to oversleep. so I took a sit in Cafeteria, and I am so lucky that I can sit beside my beautiful roommate Dung, because I knew he would surely prepare some extra food. today is not an exception. the cuisine is overburnt fish. now the evil Dianna joined us, and started to taste a piece, saying , umm, good beef.
gosh , i know what she was thinking. by saying this , she can request one more chance to confirm this is not beef but fish.
———the end.——————

About linpx
He is lazy, so he left nothing here.

4 Responses to good gourment

  1. Chen says:

    hoho,overburnt fish!

  2. deliazhu says:


  3. deliazhu says:


  4. Anastasia Diana Elina says:

    hmmmm …..evil named Diana…looks like familiar that name in my eyes….I already put some comment, but why it won’t show up?But the truth is I still confuse whether it is fish or beef….:) can I taste it more….this is my first experience that I can’t differentiate between meet and fish…am I that stupid ….ohhhh… course not :)

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