commencement speech for seniors

Commencement keynote by Lin Pengxuan

How many roads must a man take before we can call him a man? I take this lyric for your leaving. With an intensive and extensive course here, you are able and will do things better. you and us are the rising sun in the morning, but please bear in mind, there’s still a long way ahead of us.
Today, we sit together here in Auditorium to see and celebrate our seniors’ achievement in last 2 years, to wish and pray for their better promising future. And of course, to sing Alma mata, once again.
One year, is the period of time we spent in this beautiful campus together.
One year, is also the time we share our joy, sadness, happiness, love together. There is no need to mention your kindly helping us how to start a new life here; your well prepared parties for us; your successful field study in Europe; even, our working together in English camp, hand in hand. In a word, we are brothers and sisters.
Anytime you feel down or frustration, please tell yourself, you have the support from our juniors, our professors, our beloved president and all the members of TLBU family as well. It’s the TLBU mission, regional cooperation and world peace that brought us together. Remember this, and spread this spirit in your life.

Thank you.


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