A sudden thought—– go marathoning.

A sudden thought—– go marathoning.

Retropecting on my life before, I never really challenge myself, never challenge myself truly, self-voluntarily, confidently. Besides the LSAT, suddenly, I decide to MARATHON.

Yeah, marathon.

When I get old, I would say to myself, hey, man, you can do something that most of human beings can’t. Wow, that would be attractive, wouldn’t it?


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2 Responses to A sudden thought—– go marathoning.

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    其实一直在看你的BLOG,从你第一 次告诉我你的BLOG开始,也许认识了这么久,彼此也更加了解彼此是怎样的孩子,个性可能不同,但至少都善良而努力坚强,努力向前着.认真地祝福你一下,其实一直都在,尤其你准备LSAT的日子.继续向前吧,Life’s Good, 而我们在生活里微笑,无论经历着什么,在微笑的心理,用不改的真诚和不懈的努力品尝生活里永存的甘甜。你很优秀,而因这学期更加谦和,所以更加出色了。以上评语都是真心话哦,别当泡菜扔了哦:P。。

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