the Cruel Survivor Games

the confidence is a strange things, which could be squeezed into a small one or pumped larger and larger without any materilization.

things exactly happen this way recently. i took lsat, expecting for a higher score. with the back of that, i told myself there would be in no way something stuck on my way ahead. just days later, this unrealistic dream was broken by some refusal letters from law firms. i did great in this week’s presentation, i did great in contract law class, but neither does them help. now it turns that i am a small frog in a well looking up into a sky only as large as the rim of this well. and that is it!

it took me 9 hours to send those self recommendation letter to the law firms in my wishing list. it is ok, at least i will learn something, that i will and have to tailor myself to the needs of employers and also keep an eye on time.

following is my internship application:
Dear Sir or Madam:

This letter is intended to apply for a summer-internship in your Shanghai office.
Basic information:
Name: Lin Pengxuan (林鹏轩) Date of Birth: Nov.11, 82
Gender: male Email:
Fluent Languages: Chinese/English Nationality: P.R.China
After year 2004, the time my bachelor degree of International Economy Law from East China University of Politics & law was obtained, I enrolled in a 2-year English course of L.L.M in Transnational Law & Business University ( in Seoul, Korea, with an offer of full scholarship.

Some Numbers might interest you:

3.69 my 1st semester GPA( Sep,04—Jan, 05), expected to increase for this ending 2nd one.

627 my TOEFL score in 2001

164 my expected score of LSAT on June 7, 05, the result of which will be sure by the end of this month

5km the length of my daily jogging course, which ensures my strength to undertake burdens from work.

What can I do for you?
With an experience of interns in various position, paralegal, assistant to District Judge, even as an Chinese-English interpreter, and an extensive Graduate-Level legal studying and research, covering American Contract Law, Cyber Law, WTO, U.S IP Law and International Trade Business as well, I believe my ability and confidence to furnish and observe the works during my internship, and will tailor myself to the needs of employers.

1, I am available for the interviews, if any, at the beginning of July in Shanghai.
2, I am looking for a 30-45 day long intern. Feel free to contact me should you have any further questions.


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