K law

Just finish my contract law course. Feeling could not be greater, for I could answer the Professor Choi’s questions, or something else, I am not sure. But what I convinced is that I broke the shadow between us. Meaning, an immerging problem always obsess me when no one raise his hand to answer his not-that-hard question after he travels one hour and a half to reach here and starts to say that I feel no sympathy to those person who ask me to pick him while here are your chances, and you don’t treasure them. I am one of those persons. That is me when he says so. God, I failed him. But I will not since I made up my mind, to prepare all the cases in the book.

Things seem to go well, but I am not sure. Still, the LSAT is like a big tree falling down in front of my way ahead.


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  1. deliazhu says:


  2. LIN says:

    Congratulations! Your English is improved a lot. BTW, was it the K class u sitting next to me? If so, I wonder why facts seem different when viewed from different people’s perspectives.

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