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在接下去的两周时间内,我将完成那本逻辑题集。 我将标出做错的题目。 这里我练的是速度。



每天我不管你有多忙,多紧张,我要求你至少完成一个game四组题和一个lr section。同时保证能够把这周的economist看完。

2,做lr section和game四组题。


Game的弱点还是在时间和无从下手上,我能作出的唯一建议,还是多看看cracking the lsat

I studied 2-4 hours most days. I skipped a few days, when I was feeling burned out or too busy to concentrate. Studying entailed reviewing my mistakes multiple times after taking a practice LSAT, as well as reviewing the questions that I answered correctly. Studying also included practicing numerous games questions and some logic questions.

I had time to check my answers at the end of each section, so marking up the test would quickly pinpoint those questions needing review. My icon system of question marks/exclamation marks/boxes also let me to determine the order of importance during that double-checking review time. Best of all, marking up the practice test allowed me to study troublesome material again once I knew the correct answer.

The truth is that the game isn’t impossible. No game is “impossible”. I simply needed to take a deep breath and realize, rationally, that I must have misunderstood something. Rules can’t be contradictory and only one answer is correct. Thus, I must have assumed too much or misinterpreted something somewhere. I would carefully reread the prompt and the question. I would then analyze each component that made up the statement. Invariably, I found that I was skipping over a dependent clause or misreading a "can" as a "cannot". It’s usually something very minor, but important.

I wanted to know what made the passage was difficult. Was it terminology? Was I allowing myself to be intimidated by the material? Was it a matter of not enough focus during the test? After dissecting the passage a half-dozen times (aloud, silently, to a friend, whatever), I would feel as though I had "conquered" it, so to speak…it helped my confidence level immensely.

My big breakthrough was admitting that I had to stop reading the logic questions with my own agenda–I needed to focus on what patterns the *test-makers* saw and what conclusions the *test-makers* wanted. After I acknowledged that it was about jumping through the hoops rather than defending my personal opinions, it became almost fun. I liked "switching" my brain from regular thinking to LSAT-test-taker thinking.

For me, doing a few tests was enough to have intuition about what each RC passage’s questions would be

didn’t indicate that I was regressing –a low score just meant I had to be more careful with each question.


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