some sudden thoughts

Some sudden thoughts.

1, I got my transcripts today. It is reasonable and acceptable to me, at least, a 3.63/4.5 is out of my expectation and far more out weighed than what I got before in China. Still, comparing with other person, I was puzzled and dizzy. I wonder why, those persons who spoke less in class, less participated in class, and did less can get higher score than me. Or, the fairness in a law school, which should be the last one to lose this dignity, is dying.
One question pondering and hovering in my head the whole afternoon.
Suddenly, I am cleared.
The answer is, that is the world. Either I am one of’em, or out of’em.

2, some kind of excitement, I am feeling now. Wanna know why? I am going to do Presentation tomorrow. Wow, yeah, to some students, they are afraid of this like the fire to water. For me, haha, totally the other way around. Just enjoy that feeling when I am standing in front of all the persons, noticing them watching me without blinking their eyes. What more do I want other than respect?
Han, baby.

3, still searching for the light in the tunnel of LSAT.

4, loophole.


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