promoting marketing letter for TLBU English Camp

Hi, how are u?

This is Lin Pengxuan, if you didn’t forget, yeah, you are right, I am your teacher in TLBU English camp.

Allow me to explain why I wrote this mail to you.

This is a marketing promoting letter, try to ask you guys join in our TLBU summer camps. Usually I don’t do this, ‘cos kind of contradict to my principle. But I was asked to do so by our President. Now you know why.

So if this email bothers u, fine. Put it in the Junk Mail box, and I promise I will never send the same thing again. But still, I think some aspects are worthy mention.

Some reasons you need to know about learning English,

Keep constantly practicing your English.
A better English environment will of course benefit you in improving it.
Stay away with thinking in a Korea way.

Do you talk to yourself in English everyday for 15 minutes? Do you write down the new vocabularies that you don’t know? Do you enjoy the Hollywood movies without watching the subtitles?
Well, if you do. Fine, I don’t think you need to come to the mountain again. But if the answer is no, I recommend you come here, why not?

At least, you want to learn English better, don’t you?

Once again, sorry to write this letter to bother you.


About linpx
He is lazy, so he left nothing here.

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