an email to friend

Season came, season went. The only thing unchanged is my passion. I have passion, something that will be held still accompany with my self called strong mind, that can endure any criticize, always telling myself when there is will, there is a way. Tell u the truth; I made no progress on my LSAT performance. I scored no better or even worse than 20 days ago. But, my passion tells me that I should be happy because I am got challenged now and I am shown by the light in the tunnel. Strange feeling, I can’t make it specific, but to believe that is true. (actually, I do make some improvement. It is ok, no need to talk about that.) Still, again, I have to say thanks to u. You are always encouraging me even without your presence here. Needless to say more words, you know what I mean, dude (haha) What I am going to say next would be something worthy putting into the junk mail box. Up to u check or not. 1. It is already became part of my regular life to update my daily journal on the internet. And so is my eagerness, or I should say my hysteria to find new comments on my blog. So far, the odds is set so high as Chinese National football team win the world cup for me to find a new comment there. 2. 41,600. It is the amount I spent today. Celebrating my activate credit card, or just begin to level up my taste to life. Who knows? But one thing is for sure. I buy something what I want to buy and I also keep my wallet closed on something not worthy. For other persons, it would be ridiculous to see that I can spent so much money on clothes yet don’t want to spend one more penny on my trip back to TLBU. Hey, Jiajia, you will never believe I walk back from main road with 3 bags on my hands and another big one on my shoulders, plus it snowed today. 3. Always like to say something about the Lama from Tibet or Nepal. I know nothing about them. They seem kind of having an tradition. They spend 3 or 4 month on tiling a beautiful picture by sands, yes, sands with different colors. Grain by grain. And also they show no hesitation to destroy their great art once they finish it. Nirvana, that is what I believe how they called it. Just to show they will not be fettered by the temptation from this material world. I can’t say I am the same type person with them, but I have tendency to be one of them. ‘cos sometimes I do the same thing. That is all for your mail. Hope it will not bother too much of your time. To reply this is not necessary. 不好意思,一不小心发现英文写作也提高了。

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