Korea Jesuit Archbishop Lee Youngdae

You made a good speech, said President.

Isn’t this the word I have been waiting for so long a time? It is, sir, it is.

Suddenly my thought was brought back to what happened this morning. An archbishop of Korea Jesuit community paid a visit to our school, who our President believe would be a great help to our project of American by introducing the human relation with the board of Georgetown University Fund. Obviously, he is the right apple in the eyes of President. Also it is an honor for me to address a short speech to him.

“First, on behalf of all the students here, I would like to welcome you to our school, to our university. Before we proceed, students will introduce themselves to you.”

“I suppose you already hear a lot about the basic introductory of TLBU from our President. In case of overlapping, I will tell you something more about our school from a perspective of a graduate student here. As you can see, our school is a very unique and special. The first day we came here, our President told us that you should always remember that you are not only a student who will graduate from a law school here, something you should bear in your mind is that you are and you will be the leaders in the future. Let me give you an example. The first prerequisite to a future leader is the skill of communicating with other persons around the world. Do you believe that you can talk to them quite well without knowing their culture and religious background as well. The answer is no, and that is why we have a PVC class, personal virtue and character, which aims to teach us something other than law, say, the western history, the culture background and the history of religions as well, like the catholic, Christianity, Islam and etc. second, we have plenty of opportunities to expose ourselves in the field study. I have been here for only 4 months, but we already paid a visit to some large corporation here in Korea, like Samsung, LG, and Pusan. By visiting different places, we broaden our visions and we know there are still something as beautiful as laws. And soon, at the end of this year, we are going to field study in France, Belgium and other countries, to be familiar with the cities there, and international organizations too. We believe we will learn something more. Last but not the least, I just want to tell you that how enormous our President love for us. Every time we have student birthday here, he never missed once. He is to us, is no less than a father to his children. ”

“If there are still universities like our school, I am sure the number won’t be many.”


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One Response to Korea Jesuit Archbishop Lee Youngdae

  1. Godiva says:

    Hehe, Dear Dying Lin, really not bad speech. Not a long time after my leaving but it seems that your time and effort deserves somthing. Even being sure that you will be more, hehe," something" – you know what I mean :)- after seeing my comments, I am still too kind to be true and applaud you generously. Not just for your Enlish. What I told you, looking at the same thing, people can see differently. You see positively and catch delicately on part of the essence of TLBU. That is just so-called inspiring.And Do Not tend to write your diary showy from now on, even a little bit, hehe, I seldom come here. So staying natural. I only stumbled upon this newest one, but you really did not let me down. Blessing, plus I am busy and fine.:)

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